16 Tips for Planning a Family Road Trip
Have a fun family adventure with these travel tips.

Submitted by ltownsend on July 14, 2020

Family road trips can become some of your most treasured memories…or your biggest headaches. With a little planning and a few family meetings, you can have a fun adventure you will all remember for years. Together, with RoadTrip America, we suggest these travel tips: Push pin map

Get ready …

  1. Hold a planning meeting with your family and pull up a big map on a screen. Talk about places that would appeal to all family members.
  2. Decide whether you will make reservations for your lodgings ahead of time or if everyone is comfortable just finding a roadside motel along the way.
  3. Consider assigning part of a day to each child to plan activities and stops.
  4. Have your vehicle checked out by a mechanic.
  5. Alert your financial institution about your travel plans and dates, so your debit/credit cards will not be blocked for suspicious activity outside your typical purchases. (At Skyward, you can add your travel notes in Online Banking by going to Credit Cards > Account Services for credit cards, or Card Management > Travel Notifications for debit cards.) 

Get set …

  1. Pack a "Go Kit" with food, water, maps, weather-appropriate outerwear (rain jackets, blankets, etc.), a first-aid kit, and essential safety devices and tools.
  2. Charge your tablets, laptops, phones, and portable DVD players, and be sure to pack the chargers and power banks in your bags.
  3. Pack a cooler with plenty of water and healthy snacks, including fruits and vegetables. Include enough ice packs to keep the cooler below 40 degrees. 
  4. Travel with two forms of payment. You never know when fraud will affect your ability to use your debit/credit card.


  1. Remember that road trips become part of family lore; keep the pace relaxed and fun, not overly ambitious or stressful.
  2. Take the unexpected exit and make it a true adventure.
  3. Take frequent breaks at rest stops. Get everyone out of the car to stretch and walk a bit. 
  4. Eat in unique, non-chain restaurants when possible. 
  5. Talk to other travelers. Share your family adventures and ask for tips and ideas.
  6. Be patient. Drive fewer hours and spend more time enjoying each location. 
  7. Drive safely. 

By following these tips, your family will have a happy adventure you will all remember for years.

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