The Benefits of eDocuments
Replace your paper statements.

Submitted by ltownsend on November 5, 2020

Replace your paper bank statements, tax forms and account notices with safe, easy-to-access eDocuments.

eDcouments are a no-fee service that allows you to access and manage your bank documents online, without the clutter of paper statements in your mailbox or on your desk. girl at laptop

eDocuments are:

1.    Secure. Securely view your account statements, tax forms or account notices online. Rigorous security controls in online banking eliminate risk of document exposure or hacking

2.    Easy to manage and store. Access online or download and save to your hard drive or other storage device. No more paper files folders to keep track of.

3.    Available before paper statements in the mail. You will receive an email when your eDocuments are available.

4.    Always accessible. You can have peace of mind knowing your documents are just a click away. eDocuments are available for 24 months' worth of account statements, unless you delete them. (We suggest you save them to a computer drive or storage device.)

5.    Environmentally friendly! They reduce the paper waste in your life.

Tax Documents Made Easy: Sign up for eDocuments, before the end of the year (by December 31st) and you will receive your tax forms electronically, reducing the paperwork you must keep track of for Uncle Sam.

Sign Up Today 
Signing up for eDocuments is simple through your Online Banking access. Just click on eDocuments in the menu and follow the prompts. Don’t you wish everything in life was this easy?