President’s News - October 2020
We Aren't Supposed to Talk About That!

Submitted by ltownsend on October 12, 2020

I recently got to see a member I had not talked to for a long time. Given the current news cycle, the topic of politics came up, but she said, “We shouldn’t talk about that.” My reply was that politics is one of my favorite subjects, as long as we both have a live and let live attitude, we can talk. While there were some similarities in our thoughts, we were clearly on opposite sides of the fence on other aspects relating to our two presidential candidates today. 

One of our founding fathers said, “Without civil discourse, there is no opportunity to correct error in thought.” I would add that we need it to also just better understand each other too. Does someone have to agree with me 100% for us to get along? No! My wife and I don’t agree 100% and we have been married 39 years.

My message to you is research the candidates, evaluate them based on your beliefs, and then GO VOTE for the one you feel like best represents your priorities! 

In the end, my friend and I found something we could agree on. We decided to “agree to disagree,” but we are still friends. 

Kevin Wilmoth