President's Message - April 2022
Cyber Security

Submitted by ltownsend on April 5, 2022

The war in Ukraine has brought attention to the use of cyber warfare by nations as an additional way to battle a country. I receive warnings every week from our vendors and service providers about expecting increases in cybercrime focused on the credit union and our members’ accounts. Business cyberattacks are up 125% this year with ransomware and extortion leading the methods used.

Skyward has invested heavily in increasing our cyber security monitoring and network security. Our data center is in an extremely secure location with very tight access controls. We have 24/7 monitoring of our network to identify potential threats.

We encourage you to take steps to protect yourself personally. Visit our Skyward website Security Center page. Stickley on Security, a nationally recognized cybersecurity firm, provides the information seen in our Security Center. Skyward provides this free to all and hopes this will help in protecting yourself from cyber criminals. You can also sign up for free email updates directly from them to stay on top of the latest threats.

If you work at Textron Aviation, you can receive discounted rates for Norton LifeLock packages to help protect your identity as well as your mobile devices and home computers. TransUnion credit bureau also offers identity theft protection for free, called TrueIdentity. It only takes a few minutes to take steps to protect yourself.

Kevin Wilmoth