President's Message - July 2021
“The survey says … ”

Submitted by ltownsend on July 12, 2021

Every month, we send surveys to several hundred members. We send them to new members, those taking out a new loan, or using our contact center, or online banking. 

The survey is called the Net Promoter Score and it asks, “On a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to recommend us to a family member or friend.” From the scores, a formula is used to calculate the percentage of members that would recommend Skyward Credit Union to a family member of friend.

The average bank score is 34, and the average credit union score is 47. Our average score over the last year is 77.82%. We are focused on providing our members exceptional products and service, and the survey results confirm we usually hit that mark. We want people to let us know when we miss the mark. There are times we get suggestions to improve a service or process. We research those and make improvements when possible. 

Nearly 80% of you have indicated that you would recommend us to a family member of friend. I encourage you to do just that. Let them know about our great deposit rates, or low loan rates, or refinancing your house to save a ton of interest.  

Help spread the good news that Skyward Credit Union is a great place to do your financial business. 

Kevin Wilmoth