President's News - March 2020
What will you leave behind?

Submitted by ltownsend on April 6, 2020

Mid-Continent Branch

A good friend of mine recently lost his wife due to an unexpected illness. They enjoyed a good life together, but I wish they could have had more time to enjoy each other in their retirement years. 

It made me think about the balance we have to keep between planning and saving for the future, versus living life today. It also made me remember what is really important is family and relationships. Few people leave some major financial legacy where they get their name on a building at a college campus. For most of us, our legacy will be in the memories we created with our children and grandchildren. 

What matters most are memories made, and the little things we did to help people on an individual basis. Spending quality time with family and friends is very important, not only for your legacy, but just enjoying life today. Hugs and encouraging words make a positive difference. 

My friend’s wife left a legacy of being a good mom, grandma, and giving back to her community. I will be very happy if my legacy is like that, being a good dad, grandpa, and knowing I helped people in need in my community.