President's News - March 2021
Come Together

Submitted by ltownsend on March 26, 2021

I recently participated in a zoom meeting where the founder of Story Corps spoke. The program records personal conversations between two people that know each other, that are shared to build connection with the listener. In 2018, they started a new initiative called One Small Step. 

We as a nation and people are deeply divided politically, religiously, and socially. One Small Step brings people that are on opposite ends of the spectrum together for a conversation “to spark meaningful listening and remind people of the humanity in all of us, and that it’s hard to hate up close.”

The idea is to get us to see that we have more in common than what divides us. Disagreeing “with decency and respect is essential for a functioning democracy.” I want to see us move from “us” versus “them” to “we.” 

They have selected four cities in the nation to roll out this program and Wichita is one of the cities. I want to encourage you to visit the website to learn more. Consider signing up and participating. Wichita has a great opportunity to positively impact our nation by sharing and creating unity.

Will you join me?

Kevin Wilmoth