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Submitted by ltownsend on November 13, 2019

Mid-Continent Branch

As a member of Skyward Credit Union, you actually own a piece of a $300 million financial institution. And, all our resources are available to help you improve your financial life.

In my 22 years at this credit union, I have seen a wide range of financial behavior. Many have saved and retired with hundreds of thousands of dollars set aside. Some have kept borrowing against their 401K and retirements savings, leaving very little at retirement. Some have been here for years and have never put anything into retirement, passing up the opportunity for the company matching funds. Some spend hundreds a month at the casino and then can’t make their house payment. A recent survey by the Federal Reserve showed that 40% of adults could not pay a $400 unexpected expense with cash. Many use a credit card or borrow from family. Some get a payday loan.

At Skyward, we offer free financial counseling, develop plans to help people improve their credit score, consolidate loans, and lower loan rates or monthly payments. My greatest satisfaction comes from counselling and helping people turn their financial lives around – helping them qualify for a great low rate loan, buying their first home, and saving for retirement.

For those of you that have managed your financial lives well, congratulations on your commitment and perseverance. May your efforts be rewarded.

For those of you that are struggling, we can help you. We are a financial partner that you can trust in developing a plan to get back on solid financial footing. Let us know when you are ready to take those first steps.

Kevin Wilmoth