Protect your Accounts from Fraud
Banking account fraud activity and scams are currently at an all-time high.

Submitted by ltownsend on December 8, 2021

Criminals and scammers seeking bank account information are becoming more prevalent, so it is more important than ever to be aware of attempts to steal your financial or bank account details. Attempts can include a phone call asking for personal or financial information and emails pretending to be from your financial institution (called phishing). Skyward Credit Union is monitoring threats daily to help stop attacks on our members and their accounts; our Fraud Center is steadfastly working to protect you. Bank account fraud
If we call you, we will never ask for your personal identification on the phone.
Recently we have received several reports of fraud committed with Skyward Credit Union members’ accounts. Please know that if we call you, we will NEVER ask our members for personal information such as social security numbers, card numbers or PIN numbers over the phone. If we suspect fraudulent activity on your account, our Fraud Center will contact you only to ask for verification for charges against your account. If charges are fraudulent, we can help you take action to remedy the situation.
If you have any concerns about receiving a phone call asking for personal information, hang up and contact us directly at 833.759.1941 to confirm our request.
We ask for your help in stopping criminals’ attempts at stealing your identity and financial information. You can protect your account by using account eAlerts, reviewing your accounts frequently, and securing your access codes.

eAlerts for Accounts– Set alerts for certain account activity so you will know as transactions are happening on your account. This is done in online/mobile banking under Services.

Visa Purchase Alerts for Debit Cards – Set alerts for your debit card to receive notifications when it is used in certain circumstances such as “card is used outside the county”, “card is used online”, or when a transaction is over a certain dollar amount. These are real-time alerts so fraud can be caught quickly. Just visit to sign up today!

Review Online Banking Security

  • Online Security Alerts – Choose from several alerts that can be turned on to notify you of activity happening in your online banking accounts. This is done in online/mobile banking under Services and select Online Security Alerts.
  • Secure Access Codes – You should keep your preferences up to date for receiving your secure access codes for verification when logging into online banking, such as your mobile phone number. We strongly recommend not using email as it is a less secure form of receiving secure access codes. This is done in online/mobile banking under Settings then select Security Preferences.
  • Change your password/username – If you feel someone has gained access to your online banking you can also change your password and/or username in online banking. This is done in online/mobile banking under Settings then select Security Preferences.

To report suspicious activity on your accounts, or for more details on how to secure your financial information and protect your accounts, please call us at 833.759.1941.