Saving Money in the New Year
Start Now to Save for 2021

Submitted by ltownsend on November 11, 2020

Saving in the New Year

The end of the year is closing in and that means two things—holiday shopping and New Year’s resolutions. For either, planning ahead is essential.

Whether you shop weeks ahead or on the day before a holiday, it’s a good idea to have your spending budget ready. For the new year, saving money may be (and should be) on top of your resolution list. You could have a specific goal in mind or need to start an emergency fund. In any case, we can help you save and manage more of your hard-earned money.

These products and services can help you earn high dividends and cut costs during the holidays and in the new year:

  • Christmas and Vacation Club Accounts: It may be too late to start a Christmas Club account for 2020. But if you open an account today, imagine the stash you’ll have next year when the holidays roll around. Or, better yet, plan now for that vacation that you deserve to take next summer. With either account you can deposit funds, earn one of the best rates in the area and be assured that, when the time comes, you will have the spending money you’ll need.  
  • Aim Higher Checking Account: You need a checking account and there’s no doubt about that. So why not choose our Aim Higher checking account? Experience freedom from fees as you earn higher dividends with no minimum balance. If you meet the requirements, you will receive a higher interest rate on balances up to $10,000. It’s the account that actually rewards you for using your debit card!  
  • Save to Win Certificates: Build your savings and be entered in drawings to win up to $5,000 in quarterly prizes, plus monthly cash prizes! For every $25 deposited each month, your chances of winning grow along with your dividends with this 12-month certificate.
  • Rewards Mastercard: Life can be more rewarding with Skyward’s Rewards Mastercard. Earn 1.5% cash back on purchases which can be redeemed for cash, travel and gift cards. With many more features (like travel accident insurance, 24-hour fraud protection, and cell-phone protection) it’s the smart way to spend and get.
  • Refinancing: During this time of low interest rates, refinancing your vehicle, home or personal loan can lower your monthly payments. Setting aside the money you save with lower payments is the easy way to put aside funds without straining your budget. See us today to see how refinancing can save you more.

Skyward is always here to help you with lower rates and higher dividends. Let us work with you to help create a financial plan for the new year. Call us at 833-759-1941, visit us at one of our branches, or apply online on our website or on your mobile phone. We have several ways we can help our members start a plan for saving in the new year.