Visa Debit cards
A perfect way to pay for everything, every day.

Submitted by ltownsend on April 30, 2020

Plastic or cash? 

Once upon a time, the exchange of cash was as normal as, well, sitting next to someone at the movie theater. But today, we're asked to keep human contact to a minimum, and adopt other habits to help stop the spread of germs, virus and disease. Decreasing (or eliminating) the use of cash is one example. Using your Skyward Visa Debit card is the perfect alternative. It’s your safer option to cash.

Debit Card and cash

Debit Cards vs Cash

When you need access to the funds in your checking account, using your debit card has so many more advantages for your security and protection (both physically and financially). Lose your cash-- forget it. Lose your debit card -- get it replaced! Plus, it's difficult to disinfect your dollar bills. Your debit card can easily be cleaned with a disinfectant wipe. With card terminals at every purchase point, in many cases you can also complete your transaction without others handling your card. It just makes more sense to use your debit card in place of cash wherever you spend money. 

Use your Skyward Visa Debit Card all your purchases.

  • Shopping Online: Shop securely online for clothes, home decor, groceries, electronics, cosmetics, toys
  • Purchase points like pharmacies, grocery stores, and gas stations
  • Ordering Take Out
  • Making small or large purchases
  • ATM access for balance inquiries and when you absolutely need cash in your wallet

Use your debit card anywhere a Visa card is accepted—but without paying interest as you would with a credit card.

When we say Free, we mean it.

The Skyward Visa Debit card is:

  • FREE to get - with any Skyward checking account
  • FREE to use - no fees are associated with using a Skyward Debit card for purchases, at a Skyward no-fee ATM, or an ATM in the CO-OP network
  • FREE to keep - No annual fees, ever

It's the confident, secure way to pay.

Our Visa Debit cards are protected with Visa's Zero Liability Policy. Visa Debit card users are protected against unauthorized transactions, so you won't be held responsible for fraudulent activities. With continuous fraud monitoring, this protection allows you to shop worry free. In the event you discover any suspicious charges against your account, report it immediately to get quick resolution for the unauthorized transactions. Additionally, if your card is missing (or suspected stolen) you can easily block the access to your card in Online Banking, till you have recovered or replaced it.

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