We’re Thankful for You
We are truly blessed, because of our members.

Submitted by ltownsend on November 25, 2020

Skyward Thank You

This has a been a challenging year, full of uncertainty but also full of ambition about the future. When all the columns are totaled and evaluations are written, we realize our success is due to one thing—our members. We cannot stress enough how thankful we are to be here to serve you.

Because of our members, we can improve lives. We are here to partner with you as your financial advisor and credit counselor. No matter how much money you manage (pennies to large accounts) you are important to us. 

Because of our members, we can offer support. We know that success comes with helping others. This past year, we have tried to meet the needs of our membership by offering a variety of ways to help, from low interest loans to skipped payments, to technology that makes it easy to access your accounts from anywhere. Whether you call our contact center, utilize video banking, use online support or need personal assistance, we are here to help you. 

Because of our members, we can foster hope. As members of Skyward, you are owners of a financial institution that puts you first and foremost. By offering lower interest rates and higher dividends than most institutions in our area, we are able to foster healthy financial habits, allowing our members to save and spend wisely.

Because of our members, we can serve. As a member, you give us the opportunity to help community organizations that offer hope to the needy and disadvantaged. When Skyward gives to the community, we are representing you in that giving. 

During this season of thankfulness, we want to thank all our members for making Skyward Credit Union successful. Thank you for selecting us to serve your financial needs. Thank you for your trust and confidence in our team. Thank you for brightening our days and letting us help you through the hard times as well as the good times. Our staff wishes you and your family a safe, happy, and bounteous Thanksgiving. We are truly blessed, because of our members.