What's my Credit Score?
Learn more about your credit score and how to improve it!

Submitted by q2tech on April 11, 2019

Image about FICO Score

Known as a FICO score, visit us to learn what score you have and how to improve it to qualify for loans at a lower rate. Call us for an appointment at 833.759.1941and we will quickly obtain a FICO credit score report for you. 

This report includes your identifying information, outstanding and paid credit lines, credit inquiries, public records and collections. A quick review can help you assess the need for any adjustments to your payments. It also helps to identify any fraudulent activity with your identity or financial accounts. We will do a “soft” pull (this does not affect the credit inquiries on your report) and can assist you in assessing your score.

Types of credit in use 10% Recent Inquiries 10% Credit History Length 15% Outstanding Debt 30% Payment History 35%