Security Statement
Security Statement

Skyward Credit Union is committed to making your Online Banking experience safe and secure. Our Online Banking service provides security technology to protect the data of our members and for the credit union. We have taken many measures to ensure your privacy.

Information Encoding

We use encoding technology to ensure that your private information cannot be easily translated. On our Online Banking service your information never travels the Internet without encryption protection.

Account Numbers and Names

Skyward Credit Union does not display your account numbers over the Internet. Instead, you will see the account type i.e. primary checking, and will have the option to change to a “pseudo” name for each of your accounts. Cross account numbers will be displayed and cannot be changed.

Online Banking ID & Online Banking Information

To access Skyward Credit Union Online Banking, you must enter a unique User ID and PIN.

PIN Security System

A PIN security system is in place to keep unauthorized individuals from accessing your account by guessing your PIN. If your PIN is entered incorrectly three consecutive times, the user is “locked out” of the system. Once this happens you will not be able to access your account via Online Banking until you contact us to have your PIN reset. Each time you log in to our Online Banking service you will see a record of your last log in date and the number of times you have logged in. You will have the ability to monitor the access of your account with this information. You will have an option to Reset Log in Count, which allows users to reset the counters for their log in history.


As an added layer of security, we use E-stamps as part of multi-factor authentication of each online banking session. The first time you log in to the system a random E-stamp will be assigned to the initial login. Prior to completing the initial login, you will choose an E-stamp which will uniquely identify that you are indeed logged into your online banking session. If you do not receive the correct E-stamp please contact us immediately at 833.759.1941, or by e-mail:

Automatic Log-Off

If you are logged on the Online Banking service but do not perform any activity for 10 minutes, you will not be able to proceed until you “re-log” on to the system.

Additional Security Measures

We have sophisticated firewalls and authentication processes to ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed to enter our system. A firewall is either a hardware or software component that serves as a secure entrance to a system. A firewall can allow only specific parties to cross the path and access the system.

Protect Your Online Banking Account Information

Skyward Credit Union works to protect your banking privacy. However, you also play an important role in protecting your account(s). Here are some steps you can take to ensure that your Online Banking account(s) information is protected:

  • When sending the credit union e-mail, do not reveal your full account number. Instead, give us your full name and describe your accounts by type description only. On multiple account information, give us the name and relationship to you.
  • Do not reveal your Online Banking ID or PIN to anyone else. Your Online Banking ID and PIN are designed to protect your banking information, but that will only work if you keep them to yourself.
  • Change your Online Banking PIN frequently. You can change this online through the Online Banking menu called Management.
  • Do not walk away from your computer if you are in the middle of an Online Banking session.
  • Once you have finished your Online Banking session, log-off before visiting other Internet sites.
  • In addition, when leaving your computer clear the browser disk/memory cache and close your browser.
  • If you notice any suspicious or unusual activity related to any of your accounts, contact us immediately at 833.759.1941 or by e-mail:

If you have any questions regarding our security statement, the site, or our services, please email: