Flying Club Loans
Helping you get above it all.

Skyward Credit Union, in cooperation with the Textron Aviation Employees Flying Club (TAEFC) open new link , offers a special loan program designed to encourage people to fly.

The Flying Club Loan is a signature Line of Credit. It offers easy access for advances which can be made by check or cash, or by using Online Banking, our online banking product. We even offer a Mobile App that you can use to get advances.
Once you have submitted a loan application, the Credit Union will process the application and contact you with the final approval and loan amount. Interest rates and line of credit limits will vary based on your credit score.

TAEFC members who keep both their TAEFC account and their Credit Union Flying Club Line of Credit in good standing, are eligible to receive a one-time credit on their TAEFC account for up to 6 months’ worth of interest charges that correspond to 6 months’ worth of flying club bills. Simply take your Credit Union statements into the Flying Club office and they will credit your account.

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