Current rates for saving, investing or borrowing.

  • Savings, Certificates and IRA Rates

    Savings Accounts*

    (Effective 7/1/2023)

    Share Type Annual Percentage Yield
    Regular Share 0.35%
    Special Share 0.40%
    Youth Share Account 0.40%
    Christmas Club / Vacation Club Share 0.60%
    IRA Share 0.70%
    Silver Wings Checking 0.15%

    Aim Higher Checking**
        High Interest Rate
        Standard Rate




    (Effective 8/1/2023)

    Term Minimum Balance Annual Percentage Yield
    6 Months $1,000 3.250%
    12 Months $1,000 3.250%
    12 Months Skyward Saver (Add-on) $25 3.250%
    13 Months $1,000 5.100%
    24 Months $1,000 3.250%
    36 Months $1,000 3.250%
    48 Months $1,000 3.250%
    60 Months $1,000 3.400%


    *Dividends are paid from current income and available earnings, after required transfers to reserves at the end of a dividend period and cannot be guaranteed. Dividend rates are declared by the board of directors for Aim Higher, Excel Checking, Silver Wings Checking, regular share, youth accounts, Christmas Club, Vacation Club, share certificates, IRA share and IRA certificate accounts and are subject to change without notice. Contact your local Skyward CU office for current rates. A minimum share deposit of $5.00 is required.  

    **High Interest Rate is earned on balances up to $10,000 and if all requirements are met to qualify. The Standard Rate interest rate will be paid on all balances over $10,000, or on the entire balance if the account does not meet the monthly requirements.

    ***Investing in a share certificate requires a minimum deposit of $1,000.00 unless noted otherwise and an open regular share account.  Early withdrawals may be subject to an early withdrawal penalty. All non-IRA accounts are insured up to $250,000 and all IRA accounts are insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA, an agency of the federal government. 


  • Current Consumer Loan Rates

    (Effective 7/21/2023)

    Secured Loans

    New and Used Vehicles, Boats, Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles and Miscellaneous Security

    Term Annual Percentage RATE
    Up to 36 months 6.69% to 17.95%*
    37 to 48 months 6.69% to 18.20%*
    49 to 60 months 6.69% to 18.45%*
    61 to 72 months 7.09% to 19.60%*
    73 to 84 months 7.84% to 19.60%*


    Skyward Mastercard® Credit Cards

    CC Rewards Promo

    Term Annual Percentage Rate
    Introductory Rate – first 12 billing cycles 1.90% APR**

    Unsecured Loans

    8.75% to 20.00% APR*


    Savings Secured Loans

    Type Annual Percentage Rate 
    Share Savings Secured Loans 2.00% + Share Account Rate
    Certificate Secured Loans 2.00% + Certificate Rate APY

    *Rate is determined by term, credit score and collateral value. Eligibility for lowest secured loan rate in each tier is based on applicant’s credit score, age of collateral, requires a Skyward Credit Union checking account and automatic transfer of loan payments with a maximum term of 60 months.

  • Mortgage and Home Equity

    First Mortgage

    Mortgage Rates

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    Home Equity Line of Credit

    (Effective 7/27/2023)

    Share Type Annual Percentage Yield
    Up to 144 months, up to 80% Loan to Value 8.50%*
    Up to 144 months, 81% – 90% Loan to Value 9.25%
    Investment: Up to 144 months, 80% Loan to Value 9.00%

    *The Wall Street Journal Prime Rate as of 5/5/2023 = 8.25%. HELOCs are variable rate products and rates may not exceed the maximum APR of 7 percentage points above the initial rate disclosed in the Open-End Credit Plan. The finance charge begins to accrue on the date each advance is posted to the HELOC and accrues each day the balance remains unpaid. $5000 minimum advance must be taken at closing; $500 minimum subsequent advances; first three advances per quarter are free then $5 per additional advance. Minimum payment is $100. All approvals are subject to credit qualification, membership, as well as other terms and conditions. No closing costs or application fees. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.

    Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan

    2nd Mortgage

    (Effective 1/1/2023)

    Term Annual Percentage Yield
    Up to 84 Months, max 80% loan to value 8.49%
    Up to 84 Months, 81% – 90% loan to value 8.99%
    85 to 120 Months, max 80% loan to value 8.99%
    85 to 120 Months, 81% – 90% loan to value 9.44%