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Pay Down Your Holiday Credit Card Debt

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on January 19, 2022

Overspending happens every year during this time, and once the holiday glow is over, the bills start taking over. According to Magnify Money’s annual post-holiday survey, 31 percent of consumers took on debt to cover their holiday expenses last year. Of those who did, they spent $1,381 on average, with 56 percent of consumers using credit cards for their purchases. This year’s holiday season spending is shaping up to be similar.

President's Message - January 2022

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on January 11, 2022

It’s 2022. What do we know today? There are some good things and some unknowns. Rates are still low, so you can get a great rate on a new house or car. But we’re not sure about the availability of new cars with all the supply chain issues. Computer chips are needed to build cars. Most new vehicles are pre-sold before they ever hit the dealership’s lot. With limited new inventory, used car prices remain at all-time highs. 

Financial Goals for 2022

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on December 10, 2021

Financial goals are the fourth most popular New Year's resolutions (just under dieting, exercising, and losing weight). As people look for ways to make their dollar stretch further, resolving to spend less and save more may take more than just writing that goal down. Making a budget doesn't make it magically happen. You must adhere to it, tweak it when needed, and follow through.

Protect your Accounts from Fraud

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on December 8, 2021

Criminals and scammers seeking bank account information are becoming more prevalent, so it is more important than ever to be aware of attempts to steal your financial or bank account details. Attempts can include a phone call asking for personal or financial information and emails pretending to be from your financial institution (called phishing). Skyward Credit Union is monitoring threats daily to help stop attacks on our members and their accounts; our Fraud Center is steadfastly working to protect you.

Holiday Online Shopping Tips

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on November 19, 2021

According to the to the FBI and CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency), ransomware and cyber-attacks will undoubtedly increase during this holiday season. Attacks are most popular during holidays and times business offices are generally closed. It’s well known that cyber criminals attack retail shopping companies, but they also infiltrate the travel industry, as well as the areas of supply chains and logistics for product delivery.

Avoid High Energy Bills this Winter with These Tips

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on October 28, 2021

Local news reports are already warning us now that prices to heat our homes this winter will increase substantially. What can you do to reduce energy costs around the house or apartment? Here are a few tips to help you reduce the impact of high utility bills.

You Found a New Home. What Happens Next?

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on October 11, 2021

You made the offer and it was accepted. You are on your way to becoming a homeowner! What do you do now? After finding the house of your dreams there are a series of events that happen before you sign on the dotted line. But never fear! Mortgage lenders often make sure these steps are completed for you. 

President's Message - October 2021

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on September 29, 2021

With the support of the board of directors, Skyward has invested heavily in technology to better serve our members over the last few years. Our members access their account through online and mobile channels over 7,000 times per day. While the world is moving towards being able to do everything on your mobile phone and through online services, our goal is to maintain a personal touch. When you come into one of our branches, you are greeted by a real person. If you want to do a teller transaction, you can visit with a teller.

Financial Literacy

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on September 22, 2021

Each year, the National Financial Educators Council releases a National Financial Literacy Test, which is taken by Americans of all ages, financial status and backgrounds. The 30-question test measures participants’ knowledge as it pertains to earning, saving and growing their money. According to the latest results, many Americans appear to struggle with financial literacy – but the situation may not be as dire as it appears. 

Holiday Travel in 2021

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on September 20, 2021

With Covid-19 vaccinations on the rise, traveling has become a real possibility again and many Americans are ready to take that long awaited vacation. If you haven’t dipped your toe into the post-Covid vacation experience yet this past summer, please be aware that permanent changes stemming from the pandemic, whether good or bad, are likely to affect travel going forward especially for the upcoming holidays.