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Credit Unions in Kansas by the Numbers

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on August 4, 2022

Credit unions have been part of the Kansas economy since 1929 when – on the verge of the Great Depression – traditional financial institutions were unable or unwilling to lend to low and middle-income families and farmers. In response, Kansans began forming credit unions, pooling their finances to create saving and lending opportunities for all their members.

Back-to-School Shopping

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on July 22, 2022

It's still summer, but the return to school seems to start earlier every year. Many stores are already placing school supplies on sale. Before you go out shopping, though, here are a few tips to consider to help you avoid what could be a big price tag for sending your child back to school.

Home Remodeling Questions To Ask

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on July 13, 2022

You’ve researched the improvements you want to make to your home, and you are now ready to change dreams into reality. Where do you start? Home remodeling can be a satisfying experience if you ask the right questions before getting started. When selecting a contractor to do the work, it's important to understand all the details and set expectations for yourself and the crew working on your home.

President's Message - July 2022

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on July 6, 2022

You never know when or where opportunity knocks. We were approached to merge with a small credit union in Independence KS, Universal Credit Union. Due to its size, they were struggling to keep up with all the regulatory requirements placed on financial institutions today. It was determined that a merger between Skyward and Universal would be beneficial to all our members.    

Summer Jobs for Kids

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on June 27, 2022

While, the last few summers have not been ideal for kids, things seem to be moving in the right direction now. It’s time to start thinking about ways to help your children prepare for their future, and that means summer jobs. 

Paying for College

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on June 13, 2022

Like many milestones in life, preparing to go to college requires planning and saving. Planning for college attendance begins well before any admission applications are submitted. Some say as early at ninth grade.

Understanding Your Loan Options

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on May 20, 2022

Everyone faces times when they need a little financial help. Whether it’s for an unplanned for event or the purchase of a big-ticket item, it’s best to know what kind of loan fits your needs. 

The Difference Between Share and Savings Accounts

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on May 12, 2022

Having a share account at a credit union is the same as having a savings account at a bank. The difference is you! As a credit union member you own a share of the institution.

President's Message - April 2022

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on April 5, 2022

The war in Ukraine has brought attention to the use of cyber warfare by nations as an additional way to battle a country. I receive warnings every week from our vendors and service providers about expecting increases in cybercrime focused on the credit union and our members’ accounts. Business cyberattacks are up 125% this year with ransomware and extortion leading the methods used.

Beware of Charity and Relief Scams

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on March 28, 2022

In our desire to help anybody in need after a disaster or tragedy, we want to give aid and comfort. But sometimes all we are comforting is a cyber criminals’ bank account. Scams and financial fraud can come as requests for relief donations through emails, phone calls, social media and online ads. There are steps you can take, however, to ensure your donation ends up with the right charity and in the hands that truly need it.