Personal Loans
Great rates at the right terms. Easy peasy.

Personal loans are low-interest, unsecured loans used for a variety of purposes. No collateral is needed to get a Skyward personal loan (such as with a loan for a home or vehicle). Since they have lower rates than credit cards, a personal loan is ideal for debt consolidation, but can also be use for breaking down a large purchase into smaller payments. The possibilities are endless.

Use a personal loan from Skyward to help with:

  • Education expenses
  • Car repairs
  • Tax bills
  • Vacation plans
  • New appliances
  • Medical expenses
  • Wedding expenses
  • Or, consolodate all debts for one lower-cost fixed payment

As with all loans, you can set up convenient payroll deduction of automatic payments. We also offer Credit Life and Disability to protect your loan payments. We have the personal loan to fit your needs.

Instant Cash Loan

Our Instant Cash Loan is a signature Line of Credit which you control!  It offers easy access for advances which can be made by check or cash.  You may also use Bank by Phone to advance funds to your savings or checking account.  

Your Instant Cash Loan can also be used as Overdraft Protection for your Skyward Credit Union checking account.

Signature Loans

Skyward Credit Union offers competitive rates for a fixed term Signature Loan. This loan provides convenience for unexpected expenses and gives you a quick resource to funds without tying up your collateral.

Savings and Certificate Secured Loans

Security for the loan is the balance of your share savings or certificate of deposit. As your loan balance decreases, the loan hold is reduced, freeing up your funds. Dividends are compounded from the entire balance whether on hold or not.

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