ITM - Interactive Teller Machines
Live Video Help Now Available at the ITM

See our new ITMs at Seneca & Pawnee!

Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) provide you with the latest drive-thru banking technology to offer a virtual version of the professional in-person banking experience you've come to expect with the staff at Skyward. You can think of it as an ATM with live video chat.

Is it an ATM or an ITM--what's the difference?
ITMs are similar to ATMs in that you can receive the services you need at the touch of a finger. In ITM mode, members can perform almost any transaction they would make with a teller with the assistance of a live video agent on the screen. Using an ITM is personalized, convenient and, above all, secure.

During regular business hours, our interactive video agents can assist you with the following banking needs:

•    Withdrawals up to $5000 – same as our drive up. With $1, $5, $20 and $50 denominations. 
•    Cash and Check Deposits
•    Check cashing to penny*
•    All account inquiries
•    Loan payments
•    Line of Credit Advances 
•    Check orders / loan coupons

You will not be able to 
•    Use shared branching
•    Use if you are a non-member of Skyward
•    Request any cash advances or cashier’s checks
•    Transact with coin

* Check cashing will be disbursed as cash with any coin deposited into your account.