Mobile Wallets
Bye, bye fat wallet.

Mobile wallets are virtual wallet apps that store your credit or debit card information on your mobile device. You don’t have to dig around in your wallet to find your card or handle cash. Transactions become quick and easy with a swipe of your phone. Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallets offer more security than paying with cash or a traditional card. Your mobile wallet creates a unique single-use code, called a token, that it transmits to the pay terminal during each transaction. Since each token is only valid for a single use, it is a more secure transaction. 

How easy is it to set up? 

  1. Install or activate Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay on your device. 
  2. Add your Skyward debit or credit card to your mobile wallet. You're set to go shopping! 
  3. Hold your phone next to the card reader terminal to pay for your purchase. 

Millions of retailers now accept mobile wallets.

Look for this symbol at eligible retailers to use your mobile wallet.

mobile card symbol

Download the app for mobile wallet

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