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Avoid High Energy Bills this Winter with These Tips

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on October 28, 2021

Local news reports are already warning us now that prices to heat our homes this winter will increase substantially. What can you do to reduce energy costs around the house or apartment? Here are a few tips to help you reduce the impact of high utility bills.

You Found a New Home. What Happens Next?

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on October 11, 2021

You made the offer and it was accepted. You are on your way to becoming a homeowner! What do you do now? After finding the house of your dreams there are a series of events that happen before you sign on the dotted line. But never fear! Mortgage lenders often make sure these steps are completed for you. 

President's Message - October 2021

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on September 29, 2021

With the support of the board of directors, Skyward has invested heavily in technology to better serve our members over the last few years. Our members access their account through online and mobile channels over 7,000 times per day. While the world is moving towards being able to do everything on your mobile phone and through online services, our goal is to maintain a personal touch. When you come into one of our branches, you are greeted by a real person. If you want to do a teller transaction, you can visit with a teller.

Financial Literacy

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on September 22, 2021

Each year, the National Financial Educators Council releases a National Financial Literacy Test, which is taken by Americans of all ages, financial status and backgrounds. The 30-question test measures participants’ knowledge as it pertains to earning, saving and growing their money. According to the latest results, many Americans appear to struggle with financial literacy – but the situation may not be as dire as it appears. 

Holiday Travel in 2021

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on September 20, 2021

With Covid-19 vaccinations on the rise, traveling has become a real possibility again and many Americans are ready to take that long awaited vacation. If you haven’t dipped your toe into the post-Covid vacation experience yet this past summer, please be aware that permanent changes stemming from the pandemic, whether good or bad, are likely to affect travel going forward especially for the upcoming holidays.

2021 Advance Child Tax Credit Payments

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on August 17, 2021

The Child Tax Credit has undergone some important changes to help more families for the 2021 tax year. Starting in July, payments began rolling out to qualified parents. 

Tips for Buying a Car

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on August 4, 2021

Now it’s more important than ever to make sure you get the best deal available when you go car shopping. With prices rising and low stock at the dealerships, you need to be sure you have your homework done before you take the keys to your new vehicle. Here are some steps to consider when you’re in the market for a new (or used) car.

Student Loan Solutions

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on July 28, 2021

College can be tough. Paying for it doesn't have to be. The past year has been full of changes and unknowns. As you look forward to the upcoming academic year, you shouldn't have to worry about how to cover the costs of higher education. Once you’ve exhausted scholarships, grants, and federal student aid, you may need more funding to cover your tuition bill and expenses. 

Refinancing your Home

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on July 21, 2021

Taking out a new home loan to pay off your old mortgage loan. You might do this because of lower interest rates, to reduce a monthly payment or to cash out equity earned in the property. 

Understanding Your Credit Score

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on July 19, 2021

Healthy credit is a key component for processes like mortgages, auto loans and qualifying for a new job. Your credit score, also known as a FICO score, measures credit worthiness and while t’s only a small piece of the credit pie, it’s an important one.