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President's News - January 2020

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on January 10, 2020

It’s a new year, and many of us make resolutions to make changes this new year. I want to give you an idea for a resolution you can make in 2020.

Understanding FICO Scores

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on December 18, 2019

FICO is a score created by collecting a range of personal credit information. This score is used by lenders predict consumer behavior, such as how likely someone is to pay their bills on time (or not), or whether they can be issued an increase on their credit line.

How to Recover from Holiday Spending

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on December 13, 2019

The holiday season is fun-filled with activities, good food and shopping--it's easy to overindulge. When the holidays are over, you may find you have gone overbudget. But when the new year starts you don't have to panic. By making goals for financial planning, you can get your budget back on track. 


Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on November 13, 2019

As a member of Skyward Credit Union, you actually own a piece of a $300 million financial institution. And, all our resources are available to help you improve your financial life.

President's News - July 2019

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on September 27, 2019

Before the internet, email, texting and instant messaging, life was much simpler. I have to admit, it is nice having instant access to information. When you have a question, you just ask Siri and get the answer.

President's News - April 2019

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on September 27, 2019

A large bank is advertising on television that they are “reimagining banking.” They are now offering checking accounts with no monthly fees. Wow, what a novel idea! We have been offering that to our members for over 20 years. 

Two-Factor Authentication

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on April 11, 2019

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security feature used to gain access to a web-based computer program or application. As the name implies, this process requires more than one piece of evidence to prove that you are who you say you are. That evidence helps confirm a claimed identity by using a combination of two different factors: 1) something you know, 2) something you have, or 3) something you are.

Vulnerabilities Lead to Security Breaches Online

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on April 11, 2019

The holidays are over, but that doesn’t mean cyber criminals have stopped trying to gain access to your online accounts and personal information. To them, it’s a full-time job. A couple of recent program attacks show they that don’t intend to take any time off from attacking your personal and financial information online.

Shopping Online Securely

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on April 11, 2019

Shopping online is fun. easy, convenient and you can often find great deals. But shopping online does carry some risk – the risk of having your identifying information stolen. However, if you are vigilant about online security measures, you can shop online more safely.

Securing Your Identity

Submitted by Skyward Credit Union on April 11, 2019

We are hearing about it more and more in the news about identity theft and data breaches. And these instances increase, your ability to keep your personal information safely guarded is more likely than not to be compromised. In 2017, 16.7 million individuals were affected by identity theft with $16.8 billion stolen. Today it almost seems futile to protect yourself against identity theft—but, there are things you can do to reduce your risk. If you do become a victim of identity theft, there are steps you can take to guard against serious loses.